Free Music Charts April 2010

Here on the free music charts for April have been published …and a couple of upcoming releases in May. And of course, you can download everything for free!

1. Aeon sable – Agnosia (vom Album “Per aspera ad astra“)

2. Mundtot – Haltet die Welt an (von der EP “Endzeit“)

3. Mezzamo – Happy Boy (von der Single “Everything you“)

4. Botany Bay – Take Cover (vom Album “Stupid Summer Dreams“)

5. Magdalen Graal – You will arrive (vom Album “Magdalen Graal“)

6. Hungry Lucy – Hill (vom Album “Pulse of the Earth“)

7. Old Slush – Schon wieder Montag (von der EP “Mmmh… Slushelicious – Vorspeise“)

8. The Home Phonema – Landscape from the Train (von der EP “There’s nothing left to give up“)

9. One Dice – I close my Eyes (Original Edit) (von der Single “I close my Eyes“)

10. Josh Woodward – Private Hurricane (vom Album “Breadcrumbs“) (bereits seit sechs Monaten dabei)

10. 7ieben – Schrei (Single Edit) (von der Single “Schrei“)

10. Emerald Park – Obscured by Lies (vom Album “For tomorrow (2010 Edition)“)

13. The Psychos – A Six Pack and a Cigarette (vom Album “Blood Sweat Rock’n’Roll“)

14. Shino – The Universe (von der EP “Winter Solstice“)

15. Zoe.LeelA – Destroy she says (von der EP “Queendom Come“)


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