The Daleks are back!

In yesterday’s “Victory Of The Daleks,” the Doctor’s greatest enemy has returned – in lots of different colours – which was fun but rather so-so.




I was a little disappointed by last week’s episode. It was clearly one of the weaker stories and I have to admit that the new Doctor hasn’t convinced me yet!

Regarding the comments I read so far, people were either blown away or thought that the new daleks look too much like old Fisher price or 70s/80s toys or games…




Don’t hestitate to tell us your opinion in the comments below!

…well, I guess it’s a question of taste.

Let’s just hope the storylines are getting better!

But, as io9 puts it,

The Daleks regain a smidge of the menace they lost during the last few years of Dalek Overkill, and there are deeper mysteries that we can’t wait to discover the answers to.

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